Meet The Animals at CountryTastic

This year you can meet our farmyard friends including sheep, goats, pigs and cattle plus there are many familiar pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs waiting to be stroked.  Head to the stables to meet very friendly ponies and donkeys. 

We are very lucky that our local farmers come out in force to support CountryTastic by bringing their animals along to the event and teaching you all about them.

Parade of Livestock 

A highlight for many, the Parade of Livestock is a fun informative parade where you can ask questions about all the animals and learn the difference between the breeds.

Wag and Bone Ring

Watch the talented Mid Western Gundog Display team in the arena, once they’ve finished take the opportunity to ask lots of questions about your favourite dog. You can also watch Shetland pony carriage driving and meet cheeky ferrets. 


Have you ever experienced the buzz of a livestock market?  Here is your chance as our expert auctioneer demonstrates how a livestock market works and how animals are sold in our mock auction.

Pig Agility 

Join in with the British Pig Association Junior Club Pig Agility demonstrations.  Can you get your pig through the course in the fastest time?

The Sheep Show

Pull up a bale and make yourselves comfortable as The Sheep Show team are on hand to entertain and educate.  You'll learn about different breeds of sheep and how sheep wool is transformed into a jumper.  Make sure you stick around for the grand finale to see the sheep strut their still in The Sheep Show Hustle!